When To Sell My House Timing The Market

Dated: 03/18/2019

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When to Sell My House: Timing the Market?

Timing the market is one of our most popular questions.  There are arguments across the board ranging from "you should list in winter to beat the rush" to "you should list in late summer to get the late comers" The tried and true advice is to list in late March/early April.  


This article will discuss each option above and attempt to answer, is it possible to time the market?


When to List My House


Most brokers will agree, the most closings occur in July-Sept. Logically, this makes sense; Buyers want to close and move in warmer weather, making moving easier and establishing their children before schools starts. 


With this consideration, we typically advise sellers to start prepping for the sale early in the year with an ideal list date of early April.  58069_when to list your house for sale_013017.pngZillow calls late March to early April the 'Magic Window to List your Home' and you really can't go wrong with this advice.   The rule is List in Early Spring, however....


Every Rule comes Exceptions.


List BEFORE the Rush


Most professionals will give you the same advice - List in early Spring to get the most traffic and close in the dead of summer.  Here's another approach:  List in late Jan-Feb and beat the rush.  This article goes in depth on this approach "5 Reasons to List Before Spring"


Because all sellers are getting the same advice about the "Magic Window" there is an onslaught of listings at that time of year.  Our team calls it the 'trough', all the listings pile up in a trough in winter, and then dump out in spring. 


So yes, buyer demand is greater in early spring, but there is also greater supply.  

The benefit is a wash.  



List AFTER the Rush

Another approach would be to wait out the market and list after the rush, this would be a list date of late August-Early September.  The idea here is buyers have been shopping all summer and there are a few stragglers, a few that just have not been able to make a decision and now its crunch time!  These buyers have a high motivation and have probably missed out on a few properties already due to dragging their feet or a competitive market.  


Prices stay strong through fall months because the recent sale comps are from the busy summer months.  The strong activity gives buyers confidence and secures a positive appraisal


Listing after the rush will not put your sale price at risk and will produce more motivated buyers. 




Okay, so when to sell your house?  You can go with the tried and true, list in early Spring.  This will produce the most buyer traffic.  You can attempt to beat the rush and list around Groundhog's day, this will allow you to move during warmer months.  Or you can wait and list after the rush, producing more motivated, but fewer buyers. 


Helping you answer, when to sell my house, is a discussion to have with your broker and highly depends on your personal goals and priorities immediately after the sale.  Your broker should discuss with you, How much time do you have?  Where are you moving to?  


Your broker will also look at the trends in your specific neighborhood; The statistics presented here are for all of King County.  While these trends stay mostly consistent area by area & in other neighborhoods trends vary greatly. 

Contact our office for your formal property valuation.

This will give you the best information available.


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