Preparing To Sell Your House Lighten Up

Dated: 03/19/2019

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Preparing to Sell Your House: Lighten Up!

A light and bright house attracts the most buyers. The walls, the windows and the light fixtures all make a huge difference; Taking the time to paint, clean windows and replace light bulbs will maximize your sales price.


This post is Tip # 5 in our Top 10 Tips to Sell Your House for Maximum Sales Price.


Windows and Window Coverings


Making a property as light and bright as possible will create a welcoming, warm environment that helps buyers see themselves living in the house-- (literally).


Start by making sure all windows are cleaned prior to listing the house for sale, either by you or a cleaner.  We talk more about cleaning windows, window tracks, and trim in the Tip #7 Preparing to Sell: Sparkle and Shine post, but its worth mentioning here as well.  Clean windows will let as much light as possible into the living spaces.


Next, remove any heavy drapes or curtains you had installed.  These will likely be going with you during the move, so get a head start by packing them away now.  If possible, install lighter curtains or drapes, both lighter in color and lighter in texture.  This will freshen the rooms substantially, neutralize the color tones and appeal to a wide variety of buyers.


Lighting and Fixtures



Not all rooms have  windows and not all showings happen during the day.  lamps for your home.pngFor these reasons, you'll want to make sure you have adequate lighting throughout the house.  This starts by checking and replacing any burnt out light bulbs.  Be sure to install light bulbs that are warm, but not too dim, we suggest 60 watt bulbs.   It's possible that some of your fixtures have some dust or other residue built up; While checking for out bulbs, wipe out the fixtures to allow as much light as possible. 


Finally, replacing some old, faulty fixtures and/or installing a couple extras may improve the overall appeal of your property and allow for better lighting in some areas of the house. We talk more about replacing fixtures the next post,  Tip #6 Preparing to Sell: Repair or Replace.




Last but never least, paint.  Fresh paint on all interior walls is ideal and will definitely contribute to getting you the absolute highest sales price when you sell your house. 


paint to sell your house.png

Buyers and Selling Broker notice fresh paint; While a large undertaking, fresh paint will do wonders for your days on market and gaining the highest sales price. 


New paint will also give you the opportunity to neutralize the color tones of the property, patch any holes created by pictures or other personal items you took down in preparation for the sales, and make the house feel, smell and look good as new! 


Download all 10 tips to follow along; We provide these 10 tips to all our clients preparing to sell their house.


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