Preparing To Sell Your House Final Staging

Dated: 03/19/2019

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Preparing to Sell Your House: Final Staging

The final step in preparing your house for buyer showings and open houses is Final Staging.  In this article, we'll describe ways to arrange furniture and little touches that make the difference during showings. 


This post is Tip # 9 in our Top 10 Tips to Sell Your House for Maximum Sales Price.


All rooms throughout the house should have a single purpose; Arrange your furniture to highlight the use and function of each room in an aesthetically pleasing way.  Ensure pathways are clear so rooms feel spacious and defined. Many times, this is not the most functional use of furniture, but making the house look more designer can help the buyer visualize their own furniture in the space.  Of course, all rooms should be free of clutter and personal items.


Living Room


fireplace.pngThe focal point of the the living room should be most appealing feature of the living room, often a fireplace or a large window. Living rooms tend to focal around the entertainment center, but for buyer showings, we want to create an inviting, relaxing environment free from Playstations and DVRs.  This can even mean removing large, bulky electronics and any wiring that may be visible completely from the room. 


Dining Room


The center piece of a dining room is the dining table.  If possible, the table should be centered in the room under the light with a matching table setting and centerpiece.





It's said that the kitchen sells the house.  The focal point is often the window and sink combination.  Make sure the counters are mostly clear with some decorative accessories such as canisters, cook books, utensil holder, wine rack or the like.  Kitchen towels should be replaced daily so they are always clean and hung nicely.  Finally, the refrigerator should be free of any magnets or other personal items, a blank refrigerator is best. 


Some decorative ideas include fresh flower arrangements, a fruit bowl, or fancy cake in a display case.  These items might be installed during the Open House, but will be difficult to maintain throughout the listing period. 




The home office is often the room that has multiple functions, but for the purposes of buyer showings, do your best to minimize the multi-functional room. 



The office focal point is the desk; The desk should be clear of any papers or other clutter. Bookshelves add a great element to the home office and can be moved into this room for a more designer appeal, even if they are usually kept in another room. 




The focal point of bedrooms are the beds; If possible, beds should be centered in the room with headboard and symmetrical night stands on either side.  Fresh bedspreads should be used and changed often during listing period.  Again, all clothes, shoes, and extra items should be stored away in closets and hidden from view. 




Fresh towels should be installed daily so bathrooms appear clean and fresh; Make sure toilet seats and lids are down during all showings and all private items are not visible.  Shower curtains should be closed and of course, cleanliness is most vital in bathrooms. 


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