Preparing To Sell Top 10 Tips To Maximize Your Sales Price

Dated: September 16 2019

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Preparing to Sell: Top 10 Tips to Maximize Your Sales Price

Selling your house for top dollar is no easy feat.  There are many details and moving parts; Some tasks might just get left off the list.  


Below we offer a comprehensive list to maximize the sale price while minimizing days on market.  


TIP #1 -  Disconnect Emotionally and Mentally


If you are thinking about selling your property, your absolute first step is making the firm decision to sell. Often people get carried away with the all the busy work associated with selling, but without the mental and emotional commitment, the sale cannot move forward. Being prepared to make sound financial decisions will maximize your sales price.


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TIP #2 - Select a Brokerage Team


A broker is a professional like any other. They are working for you, representing your interests to sell your house. It makes sense to interview a few brokers to ensure you feel comfortable with them as a person and confident in their abilities to represent you.  A solid listing team and marketing program will maximize your sale price.  


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62041_6 Questions to ask broker when Selling


TIP #3 - Get Organized


Gather and organize all documents related to the property, including but not limited to documentation of any upgrades, utility accounts, deeds, tax records, and receipts/invoices. This will help you answer both broker and buyer questions. Proof of work completed throughout your ownership will maxmize your sale price.


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TIP #4 - De-Clutter and De- Personalize


Remove all clutter and personal items from the house; Buyer's need to be able to visualize their furniture and their personal items in the house. By removing as much as possible from the house, you will maximize your sales price. 


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TIP #5 - Lighten Up


A light and bright house attracts the most buyers. The walls, the windows and the light fixtures all make a huge difference; Taking the time to paint, clean windows and replace light bulbs will maximize your sales price.


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Lighten Up



TIP #6 - Repair or Replace


Common repairs and replacements include painting both exterior and interior, light fixtures, installing new faucets, cabinet hardware, outlets and switches, and potentially a few major upgrades. Making repairs and replacing old items will definitely maximize your sales price.


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TIP #7 - Sparkle and Shine


Of course, the final elbow grease cleaning really seals the deal to sell your house for the highest price. Windows, floors, all cabinets, closets, grout, walls, the deepest clean possible will ensure that you maximize your sales price.  


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TIP #8 - Curb Appeal


One of the final steps to preparing your house for sale is Curb Appeal. The exterior, front of the house is the first impression every buyer will get. If the curb appeal is lacking, buyers might just say, never mind, let's go to the next house.  Paying special attention to the Curb Appeal of your house will undoubtedly maximize your sales price.


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Curb Appeal


TIP #9 - Final Staging


The final step in preparing your house for buyer showings and open houses is Final Staging. All rooms throughout the house should have a single purpose; Arrange your furniture to highlight the use and function of each room in an aesthetically pleasing way.  Ensure pathways are clear so rooms feel spacious and defined. Many times, this is not the most functional use of furniture, but making the house look more designer can help the buyer visualize their own furniture in the space.  Do your best to arrange your furniture like a professional stager and you will maximize your sales price!


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TIP #10 - Show Time!


When selling your house, ensuring clear & consistent access to the property is vital to your success. Buyers need to view the property, once, twice sometimes 3+ times before making their final decision. Providing ample access to view the property will maximize your sales price.


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Download all 10 tips to follow along; We provide these 10 tips to all our clients preparing to sell their house.

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