Conventional Real Estate Investing Buy And Hold

Dated: March 19 2019

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Don't Get Rich, Quick. Get Rich, Actually.

Real Estate investing is the most available, easy to understand technique for financial freedom available today. 

This page is dedicated to traditional, conventional buy & hold real estate investing.   Should you choose this path, you are choosing to become a landlord.  

Don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate


and wait.

Real Estate Investing can be overwhelming for the a newer investor.   Fresh Look takes pride in guiding buyers toward a purchase that will gain equity and appreciation over the years, offer more than one exit opportunity, and not put our clients at financial risk in the meantime.

Conventional Financing

The most common investing strategy is a conventional buy and hold investing.  A buy and hold investor, aka landlord, purchases a property and rents it out. As a landlord, you are creating wealth and financial freedom by either collecting monthly cash flow and/or waiting for appreciation and equity growth through mortgage pay-down (by your tenants).

Conventional financing usually requires 20%-25% down payment for a non-owner occupied purchase.  If you have funds available, this is a simple straightforward method to create additional wealth and ultimately, financial freedom.

In the greater Seattle market, the numbers tend to work better on multi-family properties. Purchasing a single family, condo, or townhouse as an investment generally does not pencil.  However, a property that was used a primary residence that has been paid down can be held as a rental with substantial returns.

If you lack 20-25% down payment but want to start building your real estate portfolio today, house hacking could be the best approach for you!



1. Create a business plan + Stick to your plan. 

2. Buy with the end in mind. 

Your business plan will depend entirely on your current financial situation.  Do you have funds to purchase property or will you need to be more creative?  

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Tenants & Toilets! An Intro to RE Investing

Real Estate Investing is a tried and true method to create financial freedom.  We are your local resource for investing in the Greater Seattle region.  Download our free ebook for an Introduction to Real Estate Investing.  From there, you can decide if real estate investing is for you.  

Click here to learn more about investing in real estate, the Fresh Way.

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